4 things you need to accomplish as a Kenyan youth

4 things you need to accomplish as a Kenyan youth

Life has many things to offer, positive and negative. One thing that we have to acknowledge is that aspects of life are changing. Without delving into the religious aspects, people have three areas that define their living-economic, social and political areas.

Economically, people may have to grapple with the skyrocketing cost of living characterized  by inflation and unemployment on contemporary basis. On the other side, social classes may act as the barriers to social interactions among other things. To add on this, the political atmosphere may fail to accommodate all people irrespective of their age, gender and race.

The society that we live in today has changed. Modernity is taking shape and people are not leaving in the same way most of our parents and forefathers used to live. Some of the changes we witnessing are on the social, economic and cultural ways of living. Inflation has been rampant and the cost of living is beyond reach. With many people getting formal education, unemployment has been a perennial problem in many countries, Kenya inclusive.  Population increase is exerting pressure on the land and arable lands are turned into settlements making food very scarce and inevitably expensive.

Social challenges are also evident due to the societal transformation and modernity. Dressing codes have changed, greeting, communication methods among many more.Religion is no longer used for ‘praising God’ but as it appears in many urban centres in African continent and beyond, it can be a lucrative source of economic enterprise as well.

The main question that parents of today may ask themselves is: How will the youth cope with the dynamism of the contemporary society? To what extent do they need to appraise their lives and try to borrow some social and economic tips from their parents and forefathers?

Here are the things that the youth of today must accomplish:

Recognizing and standing firm by their sexual orientation and sexuality

Most countries in the world are predominantly holding homophobic societies but not by choice. These societies are driven by religious beliefs. Beliefs that do not tolerate homosexuality. The youth of today must search and recognize their sexuality and not be swayed by the media and peers. A libertarian society is the current one but it requires mental strength that is propelled by personal decisiveness and not euphoria.

Appreciating and learning the family roles as either a mother or a father

Contemporary society is so liberal that the traditional unit of the society, family, is left at the brink of surviving on fate. Most families are held by loose and weak strings. When the youth are brought up in such families, some get negative influences and rebel against the marriage institution. This is why the youth of today has a duty to learn the maternal and paternal roles so that when they get into marriage, they do not have to give it trial and error approach.

Knowledge for economic growth

The current society can be explained as a niche where the fittest survive.  Typical capitalist economies they are that youth have to be creative enough to be self-employed. They have to look for ways of battling the biting pangs of cost of living.

Search for ‘authentic religion’

Not all religions are meant for worshiping the leaving God. Some are puppets of the dark forces, others are conduits of minting money from unsuspecting faithfuls. This is why the youth of today may have to search before they get their ‘vehicle to heaven’.

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