Best Agribusiness in Kenya for 2016

Best Agribusiness in Kenya for 2016

Top Agribusiness ideas in Kenya range from commercial farming of livestock to vegetable produce into revenues. This kind of venture relies on farming or agricultural-based activities. In Kenya most agribusiness ventures are done on a large-scale, though small-scale agribusiness activities also thrive well.

In Kenya, unemployment is one of the thorns hurting the economy. The irony is that most educated Kenyan youths go around looking for jobs, not realizing that the best way to eliminate unemployment is through creating jobs. Kenyan Agribusiness could be the perfect path to wealth and job creation for the youth.

Kenya’s economy is ideally agri-based. This statistic only alludes to the ability of more creative ways of farming as solutions to such challenges as unemployment.  In fact to those who do agribusiness in Kenya, it very unlikely that they fall or get it wrong.

However, agribusiness requires that you be very creative. You are looking at a product that you want to produce a s a business-attracting product, just like any other product manufactured from industries. This only means that you should produce what you are sure can fill an existing market gap.

Here are some of the top ten most profitable agribusiness ideas in Kenya to look out for this year.


  1. Dairy Farming is one of the top Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

as one In almost every household, milk remains to be one of the essentials that families use every day. The demand for milk, both in local and urban areas, is high. This is a gap that requires constant supply. Going with the average price of a litre of milk, Ksh 70, it is evident that there is a big market to dairy farmers.


  1. Poultry Farming  is one of the top Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Chickens’ products like eggs and poultry meat are on high demand in Kenya. For instance, kienyeji eggs fetch close to Ksh 20 while those of exotic birds go for between Ksh 10 and Ksh 18. An average cost of a crate of eggs is Ksh 300. Assume that you have chickens that can produce even 5 crates per day.  How much will you be taking home each day?


  1. Fish Farming in Kenya

In Kenya, fish is one of the delicacies that people fancy, especially in the coastal and lakeside regions. The most sought for types of fish include Nile Perch, tilapia and Catfish among others. Rearing fish requires that you do a commercial type of farming. You will need a source of water to serve a pond (which is the most usable form for commercial fish farming). When properly done, fish farming can rake in millions.


  1. Vegetable Farming Agribusiness in Kenya

Growing of vegetable can sometimes be a lot of work. It requires that you be careful from onset. Taking care of vegetable should be a priority in vegetable farming, lest your produce fail to do well. If done in the right way, growing of sukuma wiki (kales), cabbages, capsicum, tomatoes and onions among others can be very profitable. The latest form of vegetable growing is in the use of greenhouses. These special kits allow a farmer to monitor and regulate growth of vegetables under a conducive environment.


  1. Fruit Farming Agribusiness in Kenya

Fruits like mangoes, oranges, avocadoes and apples among others are very fruitful in terms of sales. Many people require these fruits every other day. A farmer growing these fruits may not really require a massive saving to start. For instance, growing mangoes does not really require thousands of money to start. But once the fruits are ready, they fetch a good fortune for quite a longer period.

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  1. Bee Keeping Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Bee keeping is yet another profit making kind of agribusiness that you can consider. The cost of starting a bee keeping business is relatively low compared to the returns from it. The products from such a venture are also sellable, indeed goes so fast. This is a proof that bee keeping can go very well if carefully managed.


  1. Goat and Sheep Farming as one of the Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Goat and sheep farming is a wondrous agribusiness idea. It is also affordable and relatively cheap to acquire and rear sheep and goats. Some of the products that are obtained from sheep and goats are wool, mutton and skin, milk, meat and even manure. In fact goat meat or mutton is more expensive than beef meat. This is same as milk from these animals too. This only proves how good they are in terms of returns.


  1. Animal Feed Production Agribusiness idea in Kenya

There are many farmers that have no knowledge or sometime lack time in making animal feeds. Going with the rising number of animal farmers, it is very easy to supply animal feeds to such farmers and get enough returns from it. Making animal feeds is not expensive. It may require a bit of creativity and knowledge of what is right and wrong for animals.

animal feed

  1. Fresh Juice Production as on of the Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Many people do not realize that there is a gap in value addition. For those who have cared to tap in this business, the testimonies are a real indication of just profitable the venture is. Fresh juice production involves simple steps in changing fruits into juices and packaging for sale. It can also include making fresh juice for sale without packaging.  Of course many people will be ready to drink fresh juice when nicely prepared. Ensure you consider this fundamental actuality.

fresh juice production

  1. Pig Farming as one of the Agribusiness ideas in Kenya

Pigs are mainly reared for their meat (pork) which is very expensive. Keeping pigs is not that of a big investment since pigs don’t consume as cows or other animals would. Considering this, it is therefore economical to keep pigs and resell or sell mature pigs to butcheries and make a good count of money from it.

pigsClick here for more on pig farming in Kenya.

Financing Agribusiness ideas in Kenya


Agribusiness loans are a good way to go when looking for financing to help you expand or start an agribusiness in Kenya, or simply just better manage the cycle of seasons, and commodity fluctuations.  These loans can come from very many different sources, for example banks, saccos, self help groups , family and or friends. These include cash and or equipment financing. At Msaidizi farms we hgelp those looking for financing and other needs to get their agribusiness going.

Agribusiness ideas in Kenya


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