Get an agribusiness Loan in Kenya

agribusiness loan in Kenya is very easy to get. A Farmer can now access an Agribusiness loan in Kenya at a very reasonable rate using Msaidizi Farms Loan facilities which are underwritten by  Kenya’s Largest financial network and our partner and if they cant approve you, we will also use our other financial partners to guarantee approval.


We’re here for our farmers, their families and everyone who makes our rural communities grow and thrive.

Farms are financed like no other business, which means only specialized banking products will do. Msaidizi farms and its partners has products that work for the financial demands of all farmers – from large agribusinesses to personal money management.

Our sole focus is to provide you with an Agribusiness Loan in Kenya and expertise to help you take control of your money, stay on top of challenges and grab opportunities.

Muirugi was in need for a change in his life, you see for about 5 years since he had graduated from a Kenyan top university, he was yet to find a Job in Nairobi or any other part of the country. He was at wits end and ready to give up.

agribusiness loan in Kenya

Back home in the village, he had inherited a 1 acre piece of land form his Father, but like most young men he had no interest in staying in the village. He wanted the city life, but after 5 long years, he had a change of heart or rather the circumstances forced him to move back home to Narok County.

It is in this backdrop that that he found himself, with an uncertain future and even less knowledge in farming. By chance one of his classmates was working for an Agrovet company and challenged him to consider farming. While reluctant, he decided to give it a try growing potatoes. In the city around the campus, he knew how it always seemed that potatoes were always in short supply.

So he came and talked to a Msaidizi farms agent who was able to secure a agribusiness loan in Kenya for Ksh 50,000 which he used as seed capital for his farming enterprise.

He was able to pay that loan back within the first year because potato farming in Kenya is very lucrative.

If you have a dream of Agribusiness in Kenya then you should try this as well.

Many farmers in Kenya have been served by the Msaidizi Loan facilities and we are proud of our track record.

Features for our Agribusiness Loan in Kenya

  • Specifically designed for agribusiness clients to assist them with business start, expansion and investment.
  • An interest-only facility with no set term and or revolving Line of Credit
  • The long-term debt facility offers competitive interest rates and a line fee payable on the approved
  • Access funds within the approved limit without renegotiating the facility or contacting your agribusiness manager
  • Manage seasonal cash flow with a flexible facility that enables you to make repayments at your own pace and redraw funds up to the approved limit at any time
  • Lending and transactional capabilities combined in one easy-to-manage account
  • Access your funds online as well as via branches or cheque to make withdrawals and pay bills at your convenience

Drop us a line today and Let our Msaidizi professionals get you a guaranteed agribusiness loan in Kenya today.

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