• 4 things you need to accomplish as a Kenyan youth
    7:44 PM

    Life has many things to offer, positive and negative. One thing that we have to acknowledge is that aspects of life are changing. Without delving into the religious aspects, people have three areas that define their living-economic, social and political areas. Economically, people may have to grapple with the skyrocketing cost of living characterized  by

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  • Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kenya
    7:53 PM

    Social media marketing in Kenya Using social media marketing in Kenya has proven to be a very reliable marketing strategy for keen business owners. Over the past few years, Kenyan entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business enterprises have shown immense growth in terms of numbers and their potential to change economy of the country. The reason

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  • Three areas with mind-blowing fanaticism in Kenya
    6:24 AM

    Fanaticism in Kenya is at an all time high. Just like humans are created with distinct anatomy, and different fingerprints, countries exhibit the same behaviour. They have varying populations, race compositions, indigenous languages and even varying cultures. As a Kenyan, you may bump onto a foreign national coming to the country for the first time.

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  • Fighting terror hits a brick wall
    2:00 PM

    Global peace in the face of unspeakable terror seems to be a hard nut to crack. The world is painted red with blood, from the French capital Paris to Kenya’s border side Garissa town. Mali’s attack adds to the list of terrorism victims who paid the price of wars that they seldom understand, with their

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  • 7 Wonders yet to happen in Africa
    5:25 AM

      Ever heard of the famous saying that goes “wonders never cease ”? Yes, it is mostly used to refer to the unimaginable. Those ‘unimaginables’ are miraculous in nature for instance a baby boy being delivered with his 6 lower teeth intact. But when it comes to talking about Africa, there are some situations that

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  • Mourinho is safe but for how long?
    6:48 PM

      Every corner of the world is a buzz with the news of Chelsea’s worst ever season. Without any qualms, Chelsea’s march to the English Premier League crown barely 5 month ago is something that is rapidly fading in the clouds. The darker side of the London outfit has been more pronounced because they have

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  • 4 Puzzling facts about HIV/AIDS in Kenya
    6:28 AM

    When HIV in Kenya is talked about, it doesn’t invoke the fear and stigma it used to. After the dangers of the HIV virus were exposed to the world, and many people came to realize the degree of its perilous side; fear and silence was all that mattered. All the initial trepidation have been swept away

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  • How to Halt Deaths in Kenyan schools
    10:22 AM

    How can we halt deaths in Kenyan schools We need to do absolutely everything in our power to halt deaths in Kenyan schools. The Image is horrifying.  Explosion, Destruction, Billowing Smoke, Arson and when the smoke clears even Death. This is not a battlefield or a natural disaster but a scene from a typical Kenyan secondary

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  • Who gains in the Nairobi weather change?
    8:59 PM

    Nairobi Weather is unpredictable. Most of us call it the city under the sun. When we think of visiting it however , Nairobi weather which is very unpredictable should be on our minds. we think of many things. From luxurious hotels to the people walking along the streets so swiftly that you may think it

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  • The hidden face of the Kenyan politician
    12:50 PM

      Not once, twice or thrice that have heard of the adage saying that politics is a dirty game’, but it has been on numerous scale. For a  Kenyan politician this saying is almost being justified at click of every political development, realignment among other events. As it is the norm everywhere, politics is where

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Slade pleased with Cardiff stability

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