• Best business in Kenya to start for 2016
    9:23 PM

    The best business in Kenya to start in 2016 requires an understanding of the real customers you want to target. Every business person or entrepreneur knows that starting a business requires a lot of sacrifice too in order to grow their businesses. Determination, know-how and motivation are also essential in benefiting any Kenyan start-up. Before

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  • Best Agribusiness in Kenya for 2016
    4:20 PM

    Top Agribusiness ideas in Kenya range from commercial farming of livestock to vegetable produce into revenues. This kind of venture relies on farming or agricultural-based activities. In Kenya most agribusiness ventures are done on a large-scale, though small-scale agribusiness activities also thrive well. In Kenya, unemployment is one of the thorns hurting the economy. The irony is

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  • Top 20 Quotes from US President Obama While visiting Kenya
    9:42 AM

    On Corruption: There is no country that is completely free from corruption. The fact is, too often here in Kenya, corruption is tolerated because that’s how it’s always been done. 2. Fighting corruption in Kenya is not just about changing laws. Ordinary people have to stand up and say enough is enough. 3. Corruption continues

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  • 10 Tips for healthy living in Kenya
    2:36 PM

    A healthy living in Kenya is neither really expensive nor hard to achieve. It can also be very cheap to maintain your health when you take the right actions on diet and exercise. To maintain a healthy life, it is imperative to check on the following living tips: Drink a glass of water in the

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VIDEO: Police Brutally Repulse CORD Rioters.
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VIDEO: Police Brutally Repulse CORD Rioters.

A video shared online shows how brutal police were and the extent of force they instilled while repulsing CORD supporters away from anniversary towers where they (supporters) had ganged in…

6:50 AM

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