The unsung scenic and beautiful places in Kenya

The unsung scenic and beautiful places in Kenya

Some Beautiful places in Kenya can not be aptly described. You need to see them for yourself in order to appreciate them fully. Every country has its people, resources, leadership and above all popular culture. Kenya fits into this for various reasons. On political context, the dark side of history is one thing that Kenya has been known for in the last couple of years. Every one knows this. Its repercussions had tongues wagging in every corner of the globe.Talking of which, this is the Post-Election Violence.

When visiting the Western or Arabian countries, a Kenyan will be associated with one famous sport-athletics. After making and breaking histories,  Kenya’s athletics has been a landmark and a robust facial representation to a greater modicum. Add these beautiful places in Kenya from the warm weather of the coast, the freezing temperatures of Mt. Kenya, and the national parks; there are many features that can serve the eye in Kenya. Most of which are known in the public domain locally and internally.

However, few people know that there are some beautiful places in Kenya with attractive and astonishing beauty that has been down played for many years. Most of them were formed as geographical features that were formed under such processes for instance in folding and faulting. For their harsh terrain, they have turned into black spots claiming lives every year. Their positive aspects have been masked by the negative ones. Here are the few of the beautiful places in Kenya that have been given a wide berth by those who love nature.

Rift Valley Escarpment of Mahiu-Mahiu


beautiful places in Kenya


This scene is situated just a few kilometers from Nairobi. It is synonymous with cold weather, poor visibility and fogs. Most travelers moving from Kenya’s capital Nairobi  to either Narok or western Kenya regions like Kisumu can tell you that this is one of the places that make them feel like 7 minutes drive is equal to 1 year. This escarpment is where vehicles squeeze on the highway only to end up on the brink of hanging on the cliff. Looking at this place even on transit, one can barely spot the floor of the valley but the underlying truth here is that what your eye meets is a real spectacle. The arrangement of rocks, the way the roots of trees clasp on along the cracks of rocks particles is quite overwhelming and beautiful.


Kit-Mikayi-Seme, Kisumu

beautiful places in Kenya


This is not a newer place in the history of Kenyan tourism but it has not been given much emphasis like places such as Lake Nakuru or the Amboseli or Tsavo national parks. Kit-Mikayi is a scenic-cum religious place. On many occasions, various believers especially from Kisumu County environs  have used it as a divine place for meeting their maker via prayers. But the way the rocks are positioned here is what attracts the eye of any passer-by. The rocks are arranged in a way that human thinking may make one feel that one was placed on top of the other deliberately by human effort. But on logical argument, it takes a lot of sheer impossible degree of human power to do that.


Hyacinth-Lake Victoria

beautiful places in Kenya

Many people may rubbish any assertion the presence of the weed on the surface of the lake is anything appealing. Drawing from the fact that water hyacinth is one of the teething problems in the lakeside county, any attempt of removing it would be highly welcome. But hush…This weed is simply amazing to watch. The best dramatic time to watch the hyacinth is when the wind blows it away. No one can  know that the plant floats on water and can be driven that far. The fishermen are less surprised to find the lake surface that was previously covered by hyacinth clear. In fact, this is always their prayer.  There are other nice places in Kenya and the list can be perpetual, but bet on these to make top 10. They are simply unimaginable but subject to detail.



Simbi-Nyaima, Homa Bay County

beautiful places in Kenya

From the picture, someone may argue that this is not beautiful place. It looks so ordinary and there is nothing paranormal about it. But the uniqueness of Simbi-Nyaima is not just based on its physical look. Yes! It looks like any other pond that stands the ravaging droughts but its beauty supersedes just that. This beauty lies in its tales. Simbi-Nyaima is located in Oriang’ village, just a few kilometres from Kendu-Bay. The narration about its genesis is founded on a story it was a home that sunk (forming a lake) as a result of curses by an old woman, after she was denied refuge in that particular home. However, it is what geographers would call a Crater Lake. The tales and its mysterious level of depth is what makes this place very precious.


To sum it up, these areas have never been talked about in Kenya. They are the beautiful places in Kenya that seldom make headlines because they are viewed as less significant and normal like any other playground. Nonetheless, they have such hidden peculiar beauty.

What are your hidden beautiful places in Kenya that you like to explore ?

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