Breaking news in Kenya top sources

Breaking news in Kenya top sources

Breaking news in Kenya top sources are here. When you need Kenya News now Click here, then  you will be best placed in going to the following sources. These sources cover both local and international stories that concern Kenya.

1. The Top source for breaking news in Kenya is Google News

breaking news in Kenya


Google news supplied by the search Giant would be your first source. This is because google curates several major sources very fast, like local news sources as well as international sources like AP and Reuters. If you want to get impartial; and unbiased news then I would suggest jumping on Google news first.

2. The second source for breaking News in Kenya is Twitter.

breaking news in Kenya


with its 140 character limit, the Twitter platform is ideal for breaking news. While skimming for breaking news on twitter however, one needs to be careful because you are not sure what is an official breaking news source or a parody. If the person tweeting is authorized to share the breaking news or if they have access to accurate and real time updates.

3. The third source of breaking news in Kenya is Local Daily Newspapers

below are the top newspapers in Kenya that cover Kenyan news

  1. Daily nation – Kenya’s most trusted source of local, national and world news. Comprehensive, independent, in-depth analysis, the latest business, sport and more
  2. Standard – We deliver breaking news from across Kenya and the globe and information on the latest top stories, business, sports and entertainment
  3. kenya News – At Msaidizi it is our goal to help Kenyans everywhere. Our services include Kenya news, autos, careers, love, glory, sports, entertainment, and business
  4. The star –  Latest news, world, business, sport, opinion, health, classifieds, and more from The Star, Kenya – Fresh, Independent, Different.


breaking news in Kenya


Kenyan local dailies are a good source for breaking news for their reporters are always close to certain events. The biggest qualm with the local dailies in Kenya is the bias factor and reporting based on personal or institutional agendas.

4. The fourth source of latest news in Kenya is eye witness news

breaking news in Kenya


Eyewitness can be a valuable source for breaking news as they are first hand witnesses to said events. You will find reporters or other observers who get to the scene, try and interview anyone who witnessed the news. Most people will see what they want (this is a normal psychological phenomenon) so it is always good to interview multiple sources and then curate the news from different witnesses to get the accurate story.

5. The fifth source of breaking news in Kenya is Kenyan bloggers

breaking news in Kenya


The destination for news, blogs and original content offering coverage in politics, entertainment, style, world news, technology and comedy. These are your blogs that can offer a variety of Kenya news today

6. The sixth source for Kenya daily news is Local TV stations 

breaking news in Kenya

Although there has been a gradual decline in overall TV viewership in the past few years as people move increasingly further online. Local TV channels are still a good source for Kenya news.

so if you are looking for some quick breaking news then these would be the best places to check first before going elsewhere.


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