Digital marketing in Kenya top channels

Digital marketing in Kenya top channels

When we think of Digital Marketing in Kenya what are we really talking about.

When mobile money transfer platform better known as Mpesa was launched by Safaricom in the early 2000s, it changed how mobile phones were viewed in Africa. many thought that it would be a joke or ‘simply monkey business’. Peculiarly as days went by, this platform was spreading its tentacles. As at now, Mpesa is used by every Safaricom subscriber in Kenya and beyond borders. This technological marvel  cemented Kenya’s place in the world history books as the first country to have launched mobile money transfer that does not involve the internet. This implies that many Kenyans own if not use mobile phones on a daily basis and this creates the perfect marketing opportunity targeted towards these Kenyan users. Obviously, when new inventions come into place; other marketing opportunities definitely open.

The Kenyan market at the moment has diversified channels of reaching clients. The following are some of the ways.

 Mobile phones Advertising Channels

Cell Phones & Smartphones in kenya


There are many people using mobile phones. For this, one of the most effective marketing or advertising platform would involve the use of SMS to reach potential clients. However, in this process, mobile telephony companies have to be involved by all means. At the end of it; the ideas become prosperous. Most of the time, Public Service Announcements are made disseminated through this formula.

Digital Marketing in Kenya using Online channels

Lately, some online advertising companies have cropped up. Most are free and they provide the most reliable connections between buyers or clients and sellers or service providers. Some of the most common platforms include Pigiame and Olx. For most internet users in Kenya are likely to search for goods online, using online advertising platforms can be a major boost. These sites are even convenient for those seeking to sell off their property without involving much effort in looking for the clients. In Kenya, these online advertising platforms are used to sell virtually everything that has monetary value.

Social media Digital marketing in Kenya

digital marketing in Kenya


Though the number of people that visit social media in a day cannot be approximated; the underlying factor is that the number is even bigger. Sites such as facebook, Instangram, twitters among others have numerous users in a day and worth investing in as marketers. Yes! Many people use such platform for social purposes. They want to meet friends and family and chat with them. But who knows whether such people are the regular buyers or he she meets on the streets? Social media is the best marketing target that can yield greater impact boosting sales. For Kenyan social media habits, many questions will follow the product, views will be given and some may be utterly disheartening. But whoever sells must cling to that hope of getting the maximum positive response.
Marketing in Kenya is about being smart and it calls for personal creativity. Apparently, there are both print and electronic national media houses but the attention is drifting to new media. This has changed the landscape of product or service promotion in Kenya. As a result, many businesses and profit making organizations are adopting the widespread use of new media as it gives instantaneous feedback. It also penetrates to reach many targets.


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