Eating Affordable in Nairobi for Foodies on a Bugdet

Eating Affordable in Nairobi for Foodies on a Bugdet

So you’re enveloped in a sort of awe struck wonder while considering how spoilt for choice you are concerning the variety of restaurants established throughout Nairobi for Kenyan food lovers. Or at least how much so, if you were rolling around in money. Currently, the most appropriate choice would the 2 for 1 Pizza Inn offer on Tuesdays, which is superb (who doesn’t love pizza) but for the most part unsatisfactory if your taste buds prefer a little more challenge. If you’re not particularly cut out to rob a bank, these other choices may prove far more suitable:

  1. Special offers

I’m not talking about the Friday Debonairs ‘two pizzas for the prize of one’. New and old restaurants alike are always looking for more eaters and drinkers, so why not attract the same with a special offer here and there? Good news for all you sea food lovers; the Eighty Eight at Kempinski provides for all you can eat Sushi for Ksh 2000 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8pm. You could also have a little fun with Art Café’s cocktail happy hour from 4pm to 7pm, with cocktails at half price. I could go on and on about these deals. Keep your eyes open for these offers, with a little help from the Yummy Magazine (a must have for fellow foodies) as well as following your ideal restaurant on Instagram-you never know when a special deal may be announced.

  1. Discount Cards

If you prefer something a little more permanent, then a discount card-specifically for foodies-is the thing for you. The EatOut card is one such card that provides for a 10-50% discount rate in some of Nairobi’s best restaurants. I once embarked on a little trip to Tamarind Karen with a friend, my palms sweating, considering how I would escape if we both ate more than we could pay. All in all, the service was impeccable, maybe even more so than the food itself, and we walked away paying Ksh 2,600 between the both of us, than the original bill of Ksh 5000. Application for the card is done online, after which you pay Ksh 200 upon delivery.

The Buy More Card is also at about Ksh 300 upon delivery. It boasts of discount rates of upto 10-40% at several eat outs including Big Square and Mr. Doughnut. With possibilities of parting with Ksh 650 for a one thousand shilling meal, leaves me eager to apply.

  1. Get a Coffee

If you’re a coffee addict like me, this should be easy and exhilarating. Coffee is an inexpensive option in most restaurants and cafés throughout Nairobi. Imagine my shock when the Ocean Basket menu provided for most coffees ranging between Ksh 100-200. And yes, the cafe latte I picked wasn’t all bad, thanks for asking. This beverage can be an affordable pair up with the food of your choice, or even on its own.

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