• kids making Kenya proud
    1:42 PM

    Proverbs 22:6 (ASV) Train up a child in the way he should go, And even when he is old he will not depart from it. Our children do plenty to make us proud. There are the obvious things. They learn to talk, they learn to read, they perform in their first school play. They learn

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  • LUO Woman Kills Hubby For Demanding Food.
    8:57 AM

    A middle aged woman from Siaya County lynched her hubby after he reportedly demanded for food.
    It is reported that the 21 year old woman killed the husband by stabbing him severally using the chest using a knife. Residents say the man had a tendency of excessively taking alcohol abandoning his family chores including providing food for the family.

    The woman from Owimbi village is said to have executed the crime on Sunday night after the husband asked for food with no supplies in the house.

    Martin Jakoyo, the area chief who confirmed the incident stated that the husband was drunk at the …read more

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  • Shocking Reasons On Why Its Wrong For Women To Shave Their Public Hair.
    9:11 AM

    Astoundingly women who shave their public hairs are on high risk of contracting infections after shaving them down to the skin.

    As much as many perceive the shaving to be hygienic, researchers have unveiled the negative revelation; creates a health risk.

    According to a published United States Journal inscribed as JAMA Dermatology, the hair offers a natural block to keep the genitals clean which lessens contact with bacteria and viruses while protecting the vagina skin at the same time.

    The new research indicates that yeast infections among women of all age groups have been connected to the flaking of public hair. …read more

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  • Fly540 Refutes Claims of Assaulting a Disabled.
    12:13 PM

    Fly540 has refuted claims that one of its pilots denied a disabled doctor access to a plane that was routed from Eldoret to Nairobi.

    Dr Agnes Nyaga had claimed on a national daily that the airline’s pilot stopped her from boarding the plane as she took too long climbing the stairs …read more

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  • Pastor Jailed forever Over 16 Year Old Sexual Violation.
    11:00 AM

    A 60-year old pastor was on Thursday sentenced to life in prison after the Makadara Court found him guilty of defiling his own daughter in Njiru, Nairobi.

    Peter Wambua was convicted for sexually violating his 16-year old child and impregnating her in 2012.
    According to the girl’s testimony, her father raped her …read more

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  • Girl Goes For Father As Hubby
    4:14 PM

    A lady named Rehema in Kenya has opted to be married by her father after her mother passed away.

    According to Rehema, she feels so secure and contented by the ‘come we stay’ marriage which the surrounding community has slammed.

    Rehema asks Kenyans to pray for the success of her life as …read more

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  • 4 things you need to accomplish as a Kenyan youth
    7:44 PM

    Life has many things to offer, positive and negative. One thing that we have to acknowledge is that aspects of life are changing. Without delving into the religious aspects, people have three areas that define their living-economic, social and political areas. Economically, people may have to grapple with the skyrocketing cost of living characterized  by

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