Three areas with mind-blowing fanaticism in Kenya

Three areas with mind-blowing fanaticism in Kenya

Fanaticism in Kenya is at an all time high. Just like humans are created with distinct anatomy, and different fingerprints, countries exhibit the same behaviour. They have varying populations, race compositions, indigenous languages and even varying cultures. As a Kenyan, you may bump onto a foreign national coming to the country for the first time. As is the norm, Kenya registers splendid results in long distance athletic races. So when such people come to the country, they will expect a society that adores athletics. They will expect that any athletic event will be poised to draw large crowd of people from all corners of the country. However, such argument cannot be backed by how athletic events are viewed by Kenyan people. Unlike other sports events or political rallies which draw multitudes, athletics has no fanaticism in Kenya, Kenyans have arguably failed our athletes. there are areas which enjoy cult like fanaticism in Kenya and they are the following.

fanaticism in Kenya
Kenyan Rugby
Rugby is a sport that seemed to be less popular in Kenya a few years ago. Obviously, whoever is watching it for the first time will find it very dull and quite risky to engage in. But in Kenya, the fanaticism for rugby developed mysteriously and suddenly in a limitless fashion that as at the moment, rugby events are really waited for with baited breath. The local rugby tournaments like the recent Masaku 7s are colourful ones; thanks to the resurgent lunatic adoration of the event by the young people. Like the Masaku 7s, most of these sports events come with lots of fun in form of music and dance packaged in modern reveling formula for the young minds. Hence the cult has grown bigger.
Gor Mahia FC
Without any doubt, Gor Mahia FC, locally known as Kogallo remains a landmark in Kenyan soccer league. The 14 times Kenyan Premier League Champions and the holding Champions as well have quite gigantic following that even top cream politicians are associating with them for political reasons. In the past, Gor Mahia FC supporters have been known for hooliganism that at times leads to penalties against the club. However, in the past 3 seasons, the rise on performance in the league, characterized by back to back winning of the league has even made more treasures for the club. The club enjoys large fan base, the supporters are vocal and not short of surprises. This has seen even foreign nationals thronging the match day fixtures to watch Kogallo as they don the ‘green army’ jerseys.

This fanaticism in Kenya has no match equal.

Kenyan Politics
Just like other African countries, the political regime of the day dictates nearly over 95% of the affairs of the country. It is the government of the day that determines resource allocation, the number of people to be employed and the prices of commodities. Kenyans have developed a habit of following political realignments as well as remaining loyal to their political leaders. Politics command almost the biggest chunk of fanaticism in Kenya. Without any doubt, ‘the more you get close to power, the more you are likely to get money and more affluent’. It seems to be the mantra and motivation of those mental about politics.

fanaticism in Kenya

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