IEBC Commissioners sent home

IEBC Commissioners sent home
Yes the IEBC Commisioners are going home. But why are they going home. Well simply put they did not do their Job to the level of trust expected by Kenya Citizens. Following that logic, why in God’s name are we paying them an enhanced severance package in the tune of  Sh180 million to send the nine electoral commissioners home.
That package which  includes the foregone salaries and allowances, and gratuity pay for the years worked. Was termed by MPs as an ‘honourable’ exit package. They have 15 months on their contracts left, including the current one.
Essentially We are paying them off after being fired for cause. Why are these contingencies not written into these contracts. It is not as if we are hard up on finding qualified people to run these commissions.
Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said the Government will use cash from the Contingency Fund to pay off the commissioners. “We have contingency funds for such unforeseen expenditure if it does occur,” Mr Rotich told the parliamentary select committee on electoral reforms.
 Why are they commissioners entitled to gratuity, which is  31 per cent of their yearly salary for the years served?? Have they not been paid already??
This means that the nine, each earning Sh1.2 million per month, will get Sh372,000 for the five years served, translating to Sh1.86 million per person and Sh16.7 million for the team.
Why is there a need to be “granted a fair exit plan that acknowledges their contribution to the country while the 2013 elections were a bundled disaster”. It is because of their contribution to the country that we find ourselves in this mess.
Ofcourse this is Kenya and that’s what happens every day. NKT
The current commissioners are Issack Hassan (chairman), Lillian Mahiri-Zaja (vice chairperson), Albert Bwire, Kule Godana, Yusuf Nzibo, Abdullahi Sharawe, Thomas Letangule, Muthoni Wangai and Mohamed Alawi.
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