Julius Yego fails to train in Rio 2016 for this tacky reason

Julius Yego fails to train in Rio 2016 for this tacky reason

Kenya’s very own Julius Yego is set to defend his world title of best spear chucker in recorded history at the Rio Olympics starting today and we wish him all the best.

We all know by now the story of Julius and his amazing cannon of a throwing arm but if you didn’t let me rehash it for you.

Young Julius Yego had a desire to be the best Javelin thrower in the world but as with many of the fringe sports in Kenya he couldn’t find a coach.

The lack of training available for Yego meant that the best he could do was watch the world’s greatest javelin throwers compete in YouTube videos. Every day he went to an Internet cafe to intently study everything they did — each step, every motion and made it his mission to emulate them. It worked.

Training took a turn. Suddenly his throws became longer. People around Yego wanted to follow him, and suddenly he had partners to keep him motivated and on track. In 2010 he won bronze at the African Championship, then gold in 2012. Two years later he won gold at the Commonwealth Games and in 2015 he became the World Champion in javelin.

Julius Yego is now in Rio trying to become Olympic champion but he has had a challenge training because he cannot watch his beloved YouTube videos thanks to spotty internet at the Olympic village in Rio.

As Kenyan’s we will be watching and cheering him on but we ask Brazil, can you please fix the internet already!!. Among everything that has gone wrong from Green water to US swimmer Ryan Lochte getting robbed at gunpoint. More than halfway through the Games, the problems keep mounting, and they show no signs of abating before the Closing Ceremony.

Good Luck Julius Yego “YouTube man”

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