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  • Meet The Kenyan Lawyer Making Amazing Profit From Sale Of Sex Toys.
    8:26 AM

    Hellen Munga, a Kenyan lawyer has gotten tongues wiggling after disclosing that she has in the last three years erected a business territory through the rummage sale of sex toys.

    The lawyer in an interview with the East African Business Times Magazine revealed that despite holding a Master’s Degree in Law from the Birmingham University, she chose to come back to Kenya and endeavor in selling sex toys.

    She says she made the rather interesting decision to sell the gadgets after getting a job proved problematic. ‘I had to do something to make ends meet as going back to my parents was …read more

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  • What Equity bank CEO James Mwangi is being accused of is unimaginable
    12:00 PM

    A Business woman named Esther Passaris who runs a company called  Adopt-Alight Company has sensationally claimed that Equity Bank chief executive James Mwangi demanded sex from her to approve tenders for her Company. In a series of tweets, she claims that he has harassed her constantly demanding sex and then black balled her when turned

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  • SHOCKING: Here Is The List Of The Poorest Counties.
    11:29 AM

    New reports indicate that Nairobi County is the richest while Turkana County is positioned in the darkest corner. According to the latest statistics revealed by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) in partnership with Society for International Development (SID), Nairobi County is the richest county while Turkana County is the most underprivileged of all the 47 Counties.

    The report also indicates that Kenya’s overall poverty level has tumbled for the first time in 10 years, nevertheless the drop is negligible.

    In Nairobi county fore instance, two in 10 people live in outright poverty and cannot afford Sh 2,913 per month.
    In Turkana, 88% …read more

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  • Collymore Clears The Air On Seeped Safaricom Document
    1:20 PM

    Safaricom Limited CEO Bob Collymore has come out to address the controversy revolving around a report on an audit of its initiatives that was leaked to the public.

    Mr Collymore stated that Safaricom had petitioned the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to probe the unlawful release of the draft audit report that …read more

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  • 5 Ways To Grow Your Business in Kenya
    9:33 AM

    Are you in business or busyness? Growing your business isn’t just a worthy goal; growing your business is a necessity for your business’s survival and your economic well being. What can you do to get your business beyond the bare sustenance level? “I am a business owner trying to expand …read more

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  • Best business in Kenya to start for 2016
    9:23 PM

    The best business in Kenya to start in 2016 requires an understanding of the real customers you want to target. Every business person or entrepreneur knows that starting a business requires a lot of sacrifice too in order to grow their businesses. Determination, know-how and motivation are also essential in benefiting any Kenyan start-up. Before

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  • Top 10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Kenya
    7:53 PM

    Social media marketing in Kenya Using social media marketing in Kenya has proven to be a very reliable marketing strategy for keen business owners. Over the past few years, Kenyan entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business enterprises have shown immense growth in terms of numbers and their potential to change economy of the country. The reason

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  • The Irony is: Tuk Tuk Owners Probably Earn More than You
    11:31 AM

    And all they needed to do was own a driver’s license, be a little business minded, and make a small investment. So ladies, when a man claims to be a Tuk Tuk owner, don’t role your eyes choosing to belittle him. In fact, give him more points if he claims to actually drive it himself.

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