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  • Ramadan harder with an eating disorder
    3:33 PM

    Last year, Azza Altiraifi saw Ramadan as an opportunity to lose weight. The 22-year-old recent college graduate knew the monthlong fast would allow her to indulge her anorexia without raising her family’s suspicions. Since none of them would be eating during the day either, her sickness wouldn’t stand out. …read more

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  • Shock As Kenyans Exceed Eating Habits.
    10:45 AM

    A new study from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics has revealed an interesting overview of Kenyans spending as compared to other countries all over the world.

    Interestingly, the combined data with World Bank has disclosed that Kenyans save less and eat more.

    According to the statistics, Kenyans spend most of their income …read more

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  • Part II: Eating Affordable in Nairobi For Foodies on a Budget
    10:26 PM

    The quest to eat more for less continues. So you’re budget conscious, but can’t get enough of that eat out experience in Nairobi (who can blame you…it can get quite addictive), no need to be overwhelmed with monetary concerns. If you haven’t already, you could check out the first article on the same here. Nairobi

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  • Eating Affordable in Nairobi for Foodies on a Bugdet
    3:55 PM

    So you’re enveloped in a sort of awe struck wonder while considering how spoilt for choice you are concerning the variety of restaurants established throughout Nairobi for Kenyan food lovers. Or at least how much so, if you were rolling around in money. Currently, the most appropriate choice would the 2 for 1 Pizza Inn

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  • A Healthy Kenyan Dinner that’s both colorful and Yummy
    3:00 AM

    A healthy Kenyan dinner that’s both colorful and yummy should overwhelm the senses. So what type of authentic but healthy Kenyan dinner would fit this category and touch on all three of these senses. Gauntlet thrown and so Lets start with one of the staples of a Kenyan diet. Ugali & Sukuma Wiki Did you

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EDITORIAL: The Injury Behind Having A Sponsor
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EDITORIAL: The Injury Behind Having A Sponsor

I have somewhat recently heard of a ‘sponsor' who lynched his ‘sponsee' over dumping him for other men. This happened after the lynch victim completed her studies at Kenyatta University.…

1:42 PM

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