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  • What is wrong with this police officer
    11:11 AM

    A fired police officer who is said to have blocked President Uhuru Kenyatta’s motorcade has got into more trouble.

    Joel Nyakongo who was fired early this year was allegedly reported to be taking a bribe when the motorcade was passing by.

    The officer was arraigned in court on Friday for allegedly posing as an officer when he was apprehended over a traffic offence.

    The officer was arrested along Haile Selassie road in Nairobi for barricading the entrance of the easy coach booking office and taken to central police station where he branded himself using his police identity card.

    Nyakongo who is no longer in …read more

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  • Officer Kills Self After NPSC Vetting
    7:48 AM

    A traffic police officer from Kisumu has reportedly shot himself five times in the head barely a few days after he was vetted by National Police Service Commission.

    Alfred Ndalana, a police constable from Nyanza regional headquarters committed the suicidal crime over uncertainty of the results of his vetting that unveiled his source of wealth.

    According his housemate, his colleague feared termination from the service .after he was vetted by NPSC.
    ‘He has been telling me that he feared that he would be rendered unfit to serve by the Police Service Commission after all that was revealed during the exercise,’ the housemate …read more

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  • Police Devise New Method To Counter Al-Shabaab Attacks
    12:42 PM

    Kenyan police officers have devised the new strategies used by deadly Al-shabaab militia group following a Thursday invasion by battlers in Mandera County.

    Unknown number of militants destroyed a communication link in Fiano town where the raid happened escaping shootouts with the officers guarding the area.

    Lafey OCPD Bosita Omukolongo who was addressing the media after the attack noted that the assailants could be planning a severe ambush as the inhabitants are not able to seek help.

    The OCPD further stated that they had requested the national government to help them protect the area.
    ‘…..Because the destruction of the pole could be a …read more

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  • Koffi Olominde Imprisoned For One Year.
    1:30 PM

    Renowned Congolese musician Koffi Olominde will now serve one year in prison for assaulting a dancer in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya.

    This follows his arrest on 26th July in his Kinshasa home by police of democratic republic of Congo.
    His apprehension came after The Agricultural and Commercial Society of Zambia revoked denied him a chance to perform in the most awaited national show by cancelling his concerts.

    It is reported that the musician was immediately arraigned in court where he was found guilty of assaulting his dancer in Kenya.

    The musician through his Facebook page apologized for the happening terming it as …read more

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  • Over 10 Soldiers Feared Dead After A Somali Bombing
    10:41 AM

    Eight people are feared dead in Somalia after two car ambush went off near AMISOM base in Halane, Mogandishu.

    BBC confirmed that the location of the bout was also near the main airport entrance in Mogadishu, Somalia.

    Somalia media said that the first bomb was exploded by a suicide assailant near one turnpike.
    Those slayed were said to be guards at the barrier. It was reported that the al-Shabaab was behind the spasm, fighting back to evoke some of the main towns after being strapped out by United Nations peace keepers.

    Al-Shabaab terrorists, however, deprived of the number of mortalities being reported, saying that …read more

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  • Drama As Client Kills Butcher Over Meat
    9:13 AM

    Drama ensued in Thika town after a meat customer refused to pay for his meal at butchery.
    A witness said that the disobedient customer hacked the butcher’s finger when he was requested to settle for his bills making an instant exit from the business area.

    A bubbling mob trailed the suspect as he tried to abscond the area when another man coming from the opposite direction endeavored to help the crowd captured him.

    In the skirmish, the suspect knifed and lynched the blameless man on the spot with the same knife he had used to execute the hack on his first victim.

    ‘Inopportunely, …read more

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  • Kuria To Release A Song Explaining Raila’s Assassination Claims, Here Are The Details.
    2:21 PM

    Controversial legislator for Gatundu South, Moses Kuria has cleared the air on why he wanted the leader of opposition Raila Odinga to eat maize.

    The lawmaker while addressing a gathering in Tetu, Nyeri County on Sunday said Kenyan media miscommunicated his message by wrongly translating it to fit their interests.

    He unveiled that he would soon be releasing a new song with a title ‘Mbembe’ to best explain his sentiments which was painted as hate speech.

    ‘You know, these media people are not good at all,’ the lawmaker explained.
    ‘I once said that the Raila Odinga should eat maize and they went …read more

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  • SHOCKING: Woman Burns Her Husband’s Private Parts.
    12:56 PM

    A middle aged man from Matunda Village in Kakamega County is tending grave injuries after his wife confronted him while he slumbered and set his private parts on fire following a divergence on land ownership.

    The 32 year old identified as Anthony educed coming home at 8 o’clock on Saturday evening and after being served a meal. His lovely wife however blamed the man over having burnt the documents triggering the confrontation. Anthony later woke up to find he had been seared with boiling water.

    ‘At about 3 am I saw my private parts were in pain, when I tried to call …read more

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  • Shock As Man Kills Wife In Front Of His Children
    11:19 AM

    Shock has engulfed residents of Subuku village in Nyandarua County after a 54 year old man seriously stabbed his wife in front of his own children.

    Shockingly, the dangerous father sent three among the children that witnessed him commit the heinous crime to go and report his unlawfulness to area assistant chief Mary Kahiri.

    ‘The three children came to my home and told me that their father had sent them to bring the report that he had killed their mother. I called neighbours to accompany me and after rushing to their home we found the woman’s body lying in a pool of …read more

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  • Two Men In Court Accused Of Stripping A Granny
    8:42 AM

    Two middle aged men were arraigned in court on Friday for allegedly stripping a frail woman and later forcing her to soup her own urine.

    The court documents highlighted that, Kipkor Kiptui and Josphat Chesire jointly with others not before the court, deliberately and unlawfully affronted the diffidence of a woman on 27th June 2016 at Tenges in Baringo County by compellingly disrobing and obliging her to urinate and take her own urine.

    While giving her testament in court in local vernacular, the assaulted woman narrated how the two suspected persons in the company of other gangs came to her house and …read more

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