Kenya person of the month

Kenya person of the month

Kenya Person of the Month

Kenyans are a great people. But there are those Kenyans that go above and beyond in helping others.Our goal is to recognize and applaud them using the “Kenya person of the month” platform.

We seek nominations for the Msaidizi Kenya person of the month at the end of each month. The nominations can be done by sending an email to


  1. Please use for your nominations
  2. Please include your name and relationship if any of the person you are nominating
  3. Please include the name of the person or organization you are nominating
  4. Include the persons or organization contact details if you have them
  5. Include a picture of the person or organization
  6. The Reason you are nominating them for Kenya person of the month


The criteria of nomination must be as follows

  1. They must be a Kenyan person or organization
  2. They must have done something heroic, something that has made life better for others in their community.

Whether it was saving a life, fighting for a cause, holding others responsible for their actions, Promoting Kenya and Kenyans or simply going out of their ways to help a friend. These people have changed a Kenyan’s LIFE in significant ways. 

 Our finalists are chosen because they are people or an organization an event, or movement that makes Kenyans proud. They have encouraged and inspired Kenyans to be an even greater people.

Our winners from monthly choices will also be entered into our Kenya person of the year selections in addition to other at large selections.

We encourage you to vote hourly on our Kenya Person of the month polls. The polls usually close on the 15th of each month.

We have included Links to the Kenya person of the month below.

Kenya person of the month for June 2016 (voting starting soon)

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