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  • VIDEO: Holy Father Stumbles In Poland
    12:17 PM

    Holy Father, Pope Francis on Thursday stumbled and fell to the ground on the dais where he was to conduct a mass.

    The 79 year old lost his foothold while nearing the altar and headed straight to the ground notwithstanding being encircled by other priests.

    The Holy Father was celebrating a mass in southern Black Madonna shrine, Poland when he fell before being aided up by his assistants.

    He arrived in Poland on Wednesday where he will clamp several conferences and trips until Sunday.
    In 2015, Kenya, Pope Francis almost fell down while leave-taking Kangemi Catholic Church when a celebrant heaved him.
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  • VIDEO: 39 Year Old Man Marries Class One Girl
    8:54 AM

    A nine year old girl was on Mon day morning rescued from the helm of elderly man who had been imposed to him by the minor’s parents.

    Children officers in collaboration with police officers thwarted the intentions of the frail man by storming the home of the 39 year old in Bisil, Kajiando County.

    The man identified as Parkuyaye Olmuyetari who was arrested on Monda seemed unyielding when he was detained by the officers who went to his homestead under the pretense of probing for lost goats.
    The mother of the young girl went underground as police managed to apprehend the father.

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  • VIDEO: Man Almost Killed While Trying To Escape From Milimani Law Courts
    8:44 AM

    A man put his life at a great risk when he attempted to escape from the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi.

    The man, who allegedly operates matatus plying the Ongata Rongai route, was Tuesday arrested by a police officer near the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) as he was alighting a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) in which he claims he was a passenger.

    He was then taken to Milimani Law Courts where he was expected to pay a fine for his freedom.

    Speaking to the press, the matatu operator admitted that he tried taking off since he did not have the money.

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  • VIDEO: Wetangula Demands Raila To Drop His Bid For Presidency.
    12:24 PM

    CORD coaltion co-principal Moses Wetangula has for the first time attacked Raila Odinga’s presidential bid.

    Wetangula spoke in a television interview where he said that Odinga should drop his presidential bid and endorse him or his co-other principal Kalonzo Musyoka.

    ‘CORD coalition will do well if Raila dewdrops his presidential bid and admits that he has contended for the seat three times and lost…..he can now back a winning team,’ the senator said.

    Wetangula warned Odinga not to be misled by the mammoth crowds in his meetings because they would not mechanically translate into votes.

    ‘You can go to gatherings and have …read more

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  • VIDEO: Police Officer Risks Life To Disarm A Suspected Thug
    8:53 AM

    A courageous police officer in Nairobi endangered his life as he progressed to defuse an alleged armed criminal.

    The criminal, had two hidden pistols in his jacket, at one point tried to remove one. He probably could have shot the officer were it not for the members of the public that forewarned the policeman.

    After being cowed by the officer, with some help from his other two contemporaries, the suspect altered the story.

    Hee is the video courtesy of KTN:

    He demanded that he was not a thief and that it is the police officer who lodged the …read more

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  • VIDEO: IEBC Official Cries In Parliament
    7:25 AM

    An IEBC commissioner on Tuesday was unable to control his emotions when the electoral body officials appeared before justice and legal affairs committee in parliament.

    The officials Yusuf Nzibo grappled to hold tears as he explained torture which he said was occasioned by allegations connecting him to chikengate scandal.

    ‘It has tarnished both my standing and that of my family. I have had a very eminent reputation,’ the official said.

    The official cried when h tried to explain an incident in which Mwashighadi was in serious need of medical attention in futility.

    ‘Mwashighadi, inopportunely, passed away because of cancer and none of those …read more

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  • VIDEO: MCA’s Dramatically Climb MCA’s Vehicle In Nyeri.
    7:05 AM

    Drama supervened at Nyeri County Assembly offices on Thursday when a cluster of irate women necessitated to be allowed into the chambers during a budget reading.

    The town MCA Simon Mbogo found himself in the middle of the disordered scene and was melodramatically streaked from proceeding into the assembly.

    The irked middle aged women mounted Mr Mbogo’s vehicle while others trundled on the ground challenging to be encompassed in the budget passing process.

    The latter blamed the MCAs of modifying the budget proposal even after an earlier agreement touched during a public participation activity in the county.

    The manic locals avowed that the representatives …read more

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  • VIDEO: Swapping Of Wives Triggers Death Threats In Kakamega.
    11:02 AM

    Drama supervened in Shitirira village, Kakamega County, after an inexplicable treaty between two men to exchange wives, boomeranged.

    Ernest Anjeche 42, who is a night guard and bodaboda operator Patrick Mangala, 25, had swapped their wives after the guard exposed that his spouse was cheating on him with the latter.

    Susan Juma, …read more

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