Become a Kenyan Celebrity in weeks or months’

Become a Kenyan Celebrity in weeks or months’

Want to be a Kenyan celebrity??

As much as most people get stung by the bug of fame to the extent that they regret their lives spent on limelight, being a Kenyan celebrity or otherwise  remains one of the most coveted values especially among the young people. Traditionally, the world’s most famous personalities like musicians, actors and actresses, politicians and even business people were driven by different ambitions but not clamor for fame.

Musicians such as Michael Jackson, Celline Dion, Franco, or athletes like Ronaldo or Messi were accidental victims of fame. To illustrate this point more, leaders like President Obama of USA or Angela Merlel of Germany rose to the points where they are in the society for different reasons but not to be known.

However, there is a peculiar trend in Kenya and even other countries. Young people are redirecting their energies, social skills and all their efforts to earn a place in the society as a Kenyan celebrity. In Kenya for instance, there are ways of getting noticed for good or bad reasons.Here they are:

Kenyan celebrity

Becoming a Kenyan ‘Socialite’

The plight of the word ‘socialite’ in English dictionary is still clouded with mystery. But it is a familiar word used to refer to women or girls who have dedicated their lives to ‘hanging out with the affluent in the society to make a living’. In Kenya, it is a growing trend.

Young women who believe that they have large buttocks will take pictures of their reflected image on the mirror and post them in the social media sites such as Instagram,, Twitter among others. By getting ‘likes’ and comments, they draw more attention and eventually feature in video clips with musicians and entertain the mighty in the society, life goes on. Some call it being a ‘high end prostitute’; but young girls enjoy what they do. It is one option for fame.

Kenyan celebrity


Becoming a fake and a seasonal comedian

This is where those who have the mastery of re-inventing old jokes, playing with their facial looks and voices have a place. Comedy is another place where one may think he or she has a talent and do all sorts of crap as unsuspecting crowd laugh at their dry jokes. By the time they realize anything; they have made a name and perhaps have been snatched up by some local radio station, life goes on. Even as they get stuck in the studio with the recycled punch lines, they have a job and fame. Fame is fame. It is also another option.

Kenyan celebrity

Becoming a one hit wonder musician

Sometimes, taking a shower and singing Beyonce’s or Diamond’s rendition may make one believe that they can sing and hit the music industry with seriousness. Such people will make the greatest effort to record one song which they will cling to for more than a year. Sadly, the industry shall have welcomed another musician with a new hit song. Before they realize that they are hanging on the cliff of the industry, they have fame and a name.

Playing a Controversial Character or someone bizarre on TV

The last option is to play a controversial character. This is someone who does the unthinkable even if his/her actions are utterly stupid. For instance, such characters can even propose to a popular female politician on Facebook. They can admire daughters of prominent world figures like President Obama, declare their love and pledge all the livestock from their villages. But the ultimate goal here is fame.Isn’t it?

Kenyan celebrity

This is the guaranteed formula that will make you a Kenyan celebrity in weeks or months.

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