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  • She was praying for her sister’s healing then this happened
    8:38 AM

    The Mystery of Prayer I’m willing to admit, right up front, that I don’t fully understand prayer. There’s an undeniable, unknowable, invisible mystery to the power of prayer. That’s why my first reaction to prayer may be to dismiss it, downplay it, or even devalue its critical importance. Prayer, we think, is a good idea

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  • I am Kenyan christian addicted to porn
    11:10 AM

    As with many young Kenyan men, I was initiated to porn and blue movies when I was 17. My friend Tyler Kimani and I got exposed to porn when we found a phone that had been left to my bothers shop which had a blue movie on it and no password. I was scrolling through

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    8:44 AM

    Dear all,

    I pray you have been well this week.Today i would like to switch up things a little and instead share with you a video.

    Have you ever wondered how people get to heaven?Well it is your lucky day.In this video i explain how one can get there.It is really the only video you need to watch.

    If you like it ,kindly subscribe to my you tube channel where you will be receiving regular posts as and when i make them.

    God bless you all and remember our dear Lord Jesus loves us all so very much and …read more

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    7:25 PM

    “How many days left before you leave?” David asked “Two days” He said before taking a deep breathe. “How do you feel?” David asked further. “Oh my, I have butterflies in my stomach. I mean I am excited that we are finally going to be together with my love but …read more

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    4:48 PM

    The devil only comes to steal,kill and destroy John 10:10.In this moment and hour Kenyans are being called upon by God to go on their knees and pray for our country.

    In Amos 3:7 the Word of the Lord says ” Surely nothing the Lord God does nothing unless He reveals …read more

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  • What to wear in church
    11:49 AM

    Many people wonder what is the appropriate attire to wear to church.First and foremost,it is important to note most of the times what men wear to church is really not an issue as compared to what women wear to church.We have heard of churches that throw out women wearing inappropriate …read more

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  • 3 Ways to be a great christian lawyer in Kenya
    9:49 AM

    It is an interesting thing to be a Christian who is a lawyer. It’s even harder when people’s first comment when they meet you is “all lawyers are liars”. This is an obvious cliché’ with no truth but good luck trying to remove it from people’s lips.

    What then does this …read more

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Nakuru East MP In Court Over Theft Of Wheelbarrows.
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Nakuru East MP In Court Over Theft Of Wheelbarrows.

Nakuru East Member of Parliament David Gikaria was on Monday morning arraigned in court and charged with robbery and malicious damage to property. Gikaria was accused of leading picketers who…

1:41 PM

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