How to make it in the Kenyan music industry

How to make it in the Kenyan music industry

How does one make in the Kenyan music industry and Africa as whole? Be it the Afrobeats of Nigeria’s Wizkid or the melodic pop of Kenyan songstress Dela, Africa’s diverse popular music scene is making noise across the continent and around the world like never before.

But what’s the secret to making it big in this vibrant, expanding industry both on the stage and behind the scenes? Money? Loyal fans? Or key knowledge of individual national markets and the trends that shape them?
Music business moguls Audu Maikori and Paul Okeugo — founder and Chief Operating Officer of Nigerian record label Chocolatecity Music respectively — as well as industry experts and members of the audience shared their thoughts during a Twitter chat with CNN Africa.
The biggest challenges to the Kenyan music industry is:
  1. Lack of a structured, centralized body to regulate the production, sale and consumption of music.
  2. The existence of several and uncoordinated organisations claiming to represent the interests of artistes have only added to their woes rather than make their lives better.
  3. The Government needs to step in and streamline structures in the music industry to help make it more profitable and attractive.
  4. What is sorely missing is the enforcement of the Copyright Act to combat piracy”. Kenyan music shops can resort to digital sharing of music as a suitable tool for beating piracy.
  5.  Musicians are becoming producers which leads to a situation where roles replicate and overlap, and that’s dangerous for national music development.
  6. The Government has consistently given little or no attention to music as a source of revenue to the Treasury and as a means of livelihood to the singers. This lack of Investment in the Industry has stagnated its growth.

Kenyan music industry

Below is a selection of the advice offered up on how to make it in the Kenyan music industry and Africa as a whole.

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