Microsoft CEO in Kenya for windows 10 Launch

Microsoft CEO in Kenya for windows 10 Launch

Windows 10 officially launched world-wide on Wednesday and to usher in the  “new era” for personal computing, was non other than the tech Giant’s CEO Mr Satya Nadella.

The CEO of Microsoft was however not in its Redmond Washington headquarters or at the other global tech hot spaces but in Kenya.

Satya Nadella kenya

It’s an unusual place to go for such an important moment for Microsoft, but the company is doing  things different with this Windows launch for example it is  happening earlier in the year than usual and will be a free upgrade for many users.

Mr Nadella and Microsoft also hope that features like digital personal assistant Cortana – comparable to Apple’s Siri, and Google Now – will set Windows 10 apart from the other products on the market.

Nadella’s trip to Kenya is also  part of the company’s “Upgrade Your World” campaign, which will give $10 million to nonprofits around the world.

Several of those nonprofits, like HIV awareness group Keep A Child Alive, Work locally in Kenya.



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