Who gains in the Nairobi weather change?

Who gains in the Nairobi weather change?

Nairobi Weather is unpredictable. Most of us call it the city under the sun. When we think of visiting it however , Nairobi weather which is very unpredictable should be on our minds. we think of many things. From luxurious hotels to the people walking along the streets so swiftly that you may think it is an emergency. The streets are synonymous with petty thieves such as ‘pick pockets’ to high profile criminals. In fact, when you board vehicles, there are stickers warning you to “kaa rada”, a local street language (Sheng) meaning “be cautious against thieves”. Welcome to Nairobi City. It is place where small scale businessmen are more creative as they respond so swiftly to the weather and event change.

Nairobi has been known with cold and chilly weather that always knocks at the start of June, and goes through the exit doors in September or October. During this period, businesses change their approaches. Coffee and Tea become more of basic needs for those working in the CBD and other areas. To say that both small scale and high end hotels are making profits from tea and coffee during this period could be an understatement. Nonetheless, 2015 may have been a different year. There have been balanced sunshine and gloomy weather characterized by seasonal rains. The cold experienced in Nairobi this year is very normal and you can dare call Nairobi warm and nobody will pick a fuss with you. The weather has simply changed. Bu who are the losers and gainers on the warm August weather this year?

Losers and gainers from the fluctuations of Nairobi Weather.

Probable Losers
Hotels and some restaurants
Contrary to biting cold always experienced from June to August in Nairobi, luke-warm weather may not be doing hotels and restaurants serving drinks some good. Obviously, if the weather is not very cold, the numbers of consumers go down and it means that the profits they will make are somewhat normal.
Traders in umbrella and warm clothes
Those who are trading in umbrellas are clingy on the probabilities of any slight rainfall. Within 5 minutes, an umbrella retailing at 150 Kenya Shillings (1.5 $) shoot to 200 Kenya shillings. That is just the typical Kenyan businessman, always attentive to details even the weather to make extra cash. However, with seasonal rain, umbrellas have to go at normal rates. The other groups who may have been affected by this year’s warm Nairobi weather are traders in warm clothes. Sweaters, jackets, leg warmers, gloves may not attract as much customer base as they have done in the past. He weather does not allow much.

nairobi commuters
  Probable Gainers
Those who are commuting from Nairobi City CBD to other residential areas are worried lots. Any drop of rain always attracts double the price increment of bus fare. But with the normal dry weather, bus fares have never been a bigger issue to Nairobians who commuting.
Traders in Sodas and other soft drinks
People who trade in Sodas and other soft drinks are always worried during cold rainy seasons. They will frown at even the slightest drop of rain because they know that the cold puts potential clients at bay. However, the change in Nairobi weather may prove to be very positive news for them.
Not every other business person is dependent on weather. People are engaged on different income generation projects and that is what keeps the economy growing. In this case, who are the traders that find it normal when operating in either warm or chilly Nairobi?
Shoe-shining in the city is secret lucrative business. Few people have shoe brushes in their handbags but the reality is that being untidy is no excuse. Those who are running this business in the CBD will make some coin as it is supported by any weather condition. The dusty roads and rains alike bring smiles on their faces because people have errands to make and they have to be smart.
Barbers & Hairdressers
I stand to be corrected. There has never been scientific evidence to back any claim that be made that hair growth can be altered by weather change. People go to shave at their own pleasure regardless of the prevailing weather. This is why the barbers in Nairobi cannot have any excuse to bring down their prices or add extra shillings on top. The salons are perhaps faced by the same fate as the prize of hairdo cannot go up or nosedive due to the strange 2015 Nairobi weather. These are businesses that have no claim of either interference or boosts. These are the businesses that can the normal mood as  others are faced by potential reduction in profits or slight increase of the profits.

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