• Relief For Nairobians As Japan Unveils New Waste Management Technology
    4:48 PM

    Japanese government has treaded in to rescue Nairobi’s stinking garbage hazard.
    Asian powerhouse on Thursday revealed that a new technology was being industrialized unambiguously to challenge the waste which has been a steadying problem in the city.

    Speaking to the press at City Hall, Japanese Ambassador to Kenya Toshitsugu Uesawa specified that ‘Fukuoka technology’ will contribute in mechanical biological management, tunnel composting and sewage handling.

    Uesawa added that the technology was still undertaking tests and is projected to be trundled out in the county later this year.

    While mounting the gesture from Japan, Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero said that the expertise would also offer …read more

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  • PHOTOS: Scores Trapped In Nairobi After Collapse Of A Wall
    2:37 PM

    Scores have been trapped behind Westgate mall, Westland’s in Nairobi County after a wall on construction collapsed.

    The wall collapsed when scores of construction workers were on the site located near General Mathenge area.

    Rescue operations have instantaneously been launched with six people being instantly rescued.

    More news to follow:

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  • Nairobi Town Inaccessible As Demonstrators Burn Tyres
    10:43 AM

    Most of Nairobi sections were on Saturday barricaded by irked protesters over upsurge of road accidents at Kariokor Market.

    Race Course road, Kirinyaga road and General Waruinge road , a section of Thika road from Pangani had been blocked.

    The fuming demonstrators placed sweltering tyres and stalwarts in the middle of the routes obstructing access into town.

    It is said that the demonstrations were glimmered off by an accident involving a saloon car that lost control and butted into stalls at Kariokor market.

    According to the protestors, parallel accidents have been on the rise in the recent days, imperiling lives of traders at the …read more

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  • SHOCKING: Nairobians Consuming Water Mixed With ARVs.
    7:33 AM

    A current shocking study has revealed that a section of Nairobi electorates are unknowingly consuming water filled with ARVs.

    The statistics unveiled by University of Eldoret and Ghent of Belgium says that ARVs and antibiotics are highly antibiotics concentrated in surrounding rivers, ground water and wastes.

    The shocking report highpoints that medication plants across Nairobi do not have the competence to erase the drugs as major conveniences are only armed to lessen 35% to 80% of medicines.
    The contaminated water therefore ends up curving from the taps of users.

    ‘We don’t have the know-how, instruments and acquaintance to screen these pharmaceuticals in water. It …read more

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  • Who gains in the Nairobi weather change?
    8:59 PM

    Nairobi Weather is unpredictable. Most of us call it the city under the sun. When we think of visiting it however , Nairobi weather which is very unpredictable should be on our minds. we think of many things. From luxurious hotels to the people walking along the streets so swiftly that you may think it

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