The Irony is: Tuk Tuk Owners Probably Earn More than You

The Irony is: Tuk Tuk Owners Probably Earn More than You

And all they needed to do was own a driver’s license, be a little business minded, and make a small investment. So ladies, when a man claims to be a Tuk Tuk owner, don’t role your eyes choosing to belittle him. In fact, give him more points if he claims to actually drive it himself.

A Tuk Tuk costs between Kshs 350,000-400,000 but with the right gumption, you could recover that money using the vehicle as a service in about five to six months, maybe even with a little extra to enjoy. I reside at a university less than 10 km away from the main road; and in between that distance are eager Tuk Tuk drivers encouraging customers to use the vehicles to head to their desired destination. An average Tuk Tuk should hold about 5 people including the driver, and even with that an owner could make up to Kshs 1,500-5000+ a day!

Due to little fuel consumption it’s easier to get high returns, with Kshs 400-600 being sufficient for a whole day’s use. If you as an owner hired a driver, you would be guaranteed about 1,500 a day with the driver receiving any extra made. That’s about Kshs 45,000 a month-which is double the starting salary of most advocates-for basically doing almost nothing. However if you feel like giving it a go on your own, “the sky is the limit money wise” according to a reliable source, with a potential Ksh 5000+ earned a day. With Kshs 150,000+ a month you could purchase your second Tuk Tuk in roughly 6 months and double your earnings. Needless to say, the above are average earnings of Tuk Tuk owners that drive back and forth the 10 Kilometer stretch heading to my University, with the price being Kshs 30 per customer.

So take a seat, have a coffee, and consider turning Tuk Tuks into your next business venture.

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