The mysterious features of the POTUS ‘beast’

The mysterious features of the POTUS ‘beast’

Prior to the scheduled visit of the US president Barrack Obama in Kenya, many debates have infiltrated the public domain. Yes! So ecstatic and anxious are Kenyans as they wait for him, but there are other talking points in the build-up to his arrival. Apart from the hiked security operations; the arrival of two cars tasked with helping the US president on foreign trips brought more surprises. The two Cadillac Limousines famously nicknamed “The Beast” allegedly became centres of attraction at Nairobi’s CBD. Perhaps their shiny black colour and the uniqueness of their design could have been the contributors. However, there are lots of mysterious tales about “The Beast”. Obviously, these are not ordinary cars. Hence, their attention would be warranted and very welcome. What are those features that perhaps people could know about these famous vehicles that go with POTUS to every trip?
US vs foreign flag
While on foreign land, the “Beast” rides with US and foreign flags implanted on the bonnet, so diplomatic.

Made up of many elements (Minerals)
The Business Insider reports that the car is not like any other that would be patched with aluminum then taken to a show room. “The Beast” is made of aluminum, titanium, steel and ceramics. It has a body that has mixture of many elements and this is accrued to the fact that these elements are helpful in various ways- security, strength and many more.
Underneath protective steel plate
For matters of security and not leaving anything to chance, there is a steel plate underneath the vehicle. This material has a protective role. It protects the vehicle from grenade or bomb attacks just in case.
Watertight cabin
This car has completely sealed and tight cabins that also have protective role. The Business Insider reveals that the main purpose of this is to protect the president for any biochemical attacks. The exception is the driver’s window that merely opens past 3 inches.

8 tonne extraordinary weight

Ever pictured a car that would weigh this much, whooping 8 tonnes? Then, this is the one. “The Beast”  weighs just that much.
Puncture Resistant Tires

potus beast
People normally get worried when they have punctures. But for the “Beast”; one would be dead wrong to think that a puncture would immobilize it. In addition, if the tires are destroyed, there are special steel rims that have the capability of keeping the car in motion and stability.
Fuel tank is foam-sealed
The fuel tank that is used in the limo is said to be foam-sealed. Here, one cannot be worried that there could be an explosion. Regardless of the heat gathered, the vehicle can remain very safe.
Emergency equipment Package
Perhaps for the matters of emergency, various emergency equipment are in waiting. There is firefighting equipment which is common in other vehicles too. But the differences are the oxygen supply and containers with blood matching president’s blood group.
Paranormal windows and thick doors
The windows of the Cadillac Limo are extraordinary. Still on the matters of security enhancement, these windows are 5 inch think. They are bullet proof and hard enough to guarantee security. The weight of the car is classified. It weighs tones and more and consumes much fuel than your car parked at the door. The speed is not very pleasing as it rarely passes 96KM/H mark. The doors are armored, they measure 8 inches and are extremely heavy for security reasons.
Satellite phone, internet connectivity and other entertainment packages
The president is not a bored man on board. He or she can co-ordinate functions at the White House while on transit through communication devices and can watch TVs and use Wi-Fi internet.


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