This Is Ess (Sharon Mundia) Wedding Predictions

This Is Ess (Sharon Mundia) Wedding Predictions

Considering that Lonina and Sharon took a helicopter over Mt. Kenya to the scenic Lake Michaelson just for the proposal, we’re expecting an over-the-top wedding. Sharon has given us a lot to look forward to when she finally says ‘I do’.

The Photography

We anticipate it to be featured under the wedding category of her blog. Which we imagine, would include her white wedding dress, an essence of flora, and the color purple somewhere in between.

The Makeup.

With Lonina by her side, Sharon would undoubtedly rock her own luscious locks, with her lashes, kempt eyebrows, and lips equally noticeable. She loves her lipsticks, so her sporting a Nouba Milebaci no. 6 (a deep violet shade) is quite expected. We’d be surprised if she didn’t. Then again with Muthoni Njoba doing the makeup, we may see Sharon wearing a few maybelline products. Due to her fondness of the color purple, we may see the same appear in particular themes or scenes during the wedding.

The Floral.

An elegant collection of flowers ranging from the bouquet, centerpieces, to florist décor should be envisaged. With her affection for flowers as portrayed on her Instagram, I doubt the blogger would leave anything to chance when showcasing floral sophistication throughout the wedding. Sharon strikes us as a garden bride, similar to that of Janet Mbugua. She takes quite a liking to her green pastures. Might we see her returning to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy for her big day?

The Guest List.

A limited guest list is expected, with the likes of Susan Wong, Amina Abdi , Anita Nderu, and Chris Kirubi among other Capital FM co-workers. As well as personalities like Janet Mbugua and Joy Kendi also appearing for the wedding. Family comes first of course. While Victor Peace tries to give his expert opinion and criticisms to the wedding photographers.

The Cake.

To assume that her entire wedding cake would comprise of red velvet is a long shot, but not impossible. Accompanied with macaroons, and fat pieces of meat, with the advice of close friend Susan Wong, the food factor in this event wouldn’t be lacking in the slightest.

Complete with an overall private romantic setting, the wedding out leaks would leave most women fantasizing and several men cringing to the thought of higher expectations from their significant other.

Anything you think we may have left out? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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