Top 10 Counties in Kenya to invest in

Top 10 Counties in Kenya to invest in


The promulgation of the current constitution in Kenya gave people hope. It meant a new beginning of approaches to administration in Kenya because the government would certainly be devolved. But even as we speak, many counties are yet to realize the benefits of devolution that led to the mushrooming of countries. On the other hand, It would be better to look at the potential of the counties and how they can support investment.Here are the top 10 counties to invest in in Kenya.
1. Nairobi County
Many people would be cynical about this but the first county for investment is certainly Nairobi. Nairobi county has better infrastructure there are more opportunities. Even smallest of businesses do survive because of the high purchasing power. Besides this, marketing is made easier.
2. Mombasa County
Mombasa county is also another place for investment. It is another urban setup and quite similar to Nairobi, it can support various business opportunities. There is good population, and it is receiving a boost during holidays especially from both local and international tourists.
3. Kisumu County
Kisumu is one county that is still developing. Even with the good infrastructure, there are fewer industries and opportunities are numerous.
4. Kakamega County
Kakamega county has some features that support investment. It is one of the counties that are currently growing so fast. It has good population, fair infrastructure and the weather is equally supportive. Human purchasing power is good too.
5. Machakos County
This is one county that most people in Kenya feel that the sitting governor, Dr. Alfred Mutua may have made a mark for himself. With good infrastructure,Machakos is closer to the capital too. This makes it easier for organizational expansion if there is need.
6. Nakuru County
Another county with good potential. The weather here is good, and the infrastructure is very supportive. The other thing t note here is that there is high population and good purchasing power.
7. Kisii County
A small county but with good potential too. There is high population and the weather is good. It is centrally placed between Kisumu and Nairobi making it possible to expand to both cities.

8. Homa Bay County
Homa Bay county is one of the lakeside cities whose potentials cannot be underestimated. With fairly good population and good purchasing power, Homa Bay county can support profit making-oriented investments.
9. Turkana County
Talking of Turkana what comes to mind is this-oil. Anyway, there are still few years for oil to become a reality. But it is prudent to ensure that investments are done ahead of pending opportunities.
10. Bungoma County
Bungoma county is having the quality of sustaining investment. These features are good population and available work force.


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